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  14 Smart, Must-Know Painting Tricks That Make Painting Easier

Remodeling and decorating around your home could not pass without painting. If you do all this things alone and if you love to DIY than a few painting tricks could be helpful.
From prep tips to cleanup to make that chore a little easier. These tips are absolutely smart and very useful. So dear friends if you would love to make refreshments around your home with painting these are must know tricks to make everything easier. Take a look below and enjoy!

1.Paint in an X pattern to get maximum coverage

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2.Put a rubber band around your paint can before you start to scrape off the excess paint from your brush.

14 Smart, Must Know Painting Tricks That Make Painting Easier

  20 Restaurants With Stunning Views That You Must Visit In Your Lifetime

Amazing location and stunning views are the 2 things that makes this restaurants unique and special. and sure we put all in one post just to bring you all in one place and to see what a beauties have in this world. We think that this is must visit places just for relaxing and enjoy. Everything that you can do there will be remained in your mind forever as one spectacular memory in your life. Here are 20 wonderful restaurants that we choose for you for every taste we hope that you will find your favourite and go visit one day. Enjoy!

Ristorante La Sponda Positano, Italy


The Grotto Krabi, Thailand


Soho House West Hollywood, CA, USA


Skyline Restaurant Queenstown, New Zealand


Le Panoramic Chamonix, France


Le Cafe du Jardin Eze, France


Sirocco Bangkok, Thailand


La View Ubud, Bali


Crater Lodge Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania


Crater Lodge Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania


Fangweng Yichang, China


El Farallon Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


Dasheene St. Lucia, West Indies


Caldera Santorini, Greece


Altitude at Shangri-La Sydney, Australia

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Hotel De Paris, Monte Carlo, Monaco


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  How To Turn Your Outdated Classy BIC Lighter Into Amazing DIY Laser Burner On The Cheapest Way

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  Command Hooks Can Be Very Useful: Here are 12 Extremely Cool Things You Can Do

Command hooks can be used in some cool and extremely useful ways that you might never thought of. One more super list of hacks that can make your life easier. Take a look below and enjoy!

1.Keep toothbrushes in a medicine cabinet with small hooks turned on their sides

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2.Keep pot lids organized.

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3.Store oven mitts and hot pads.

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4.Make rolls of foil and plastic wrap easily accessible

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5.Stop kids from opening the fridge.

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6. Hang door wreaths with upside down hooks.

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7.Organize shower accessories.

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8.Hang baskets.

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9.Hang styling tools on the inside of bathroom cabinets.

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10.Keep trash bags in place with upside down hooks

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11.Hold trash bags up during long road trips.

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12.Hide cords behind tables.

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  15 Of The Most Creative And Deceptively Easy Ways To Turn A Cake Into A Work Of Art


15.Make stripes with edible glitter for a cake that sparkles

15 Of The Most Creative And Deceptively Easy Ways To Turn A Cake Into A Work Of Art source


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  DIY Crochet Hug Mug Coffee Cozy

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  20 Life Saving Hacks Which You Would Want To Try Right Now

For the lazy bums around, you can iron your collars with a hair straightener as well. Isnt it truly a life-saving hack?

07. Rolling up your clothes will make more storage space

life saving hacks (11)