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  16 The Most Beautiful Sights In The World

We dont have enough word to explain how beautiful are those sights. Below you can find 16 of this attractive beauties from all over the world if you just want to enjoy dont think of going there pack your bagage and go…

Jelly fish on the beach of the island crowned Miro-Maldives!


Bellagio Fountains in Las Vegas


Floating restaurant at Villa Escudero, Philippines


Walk of Lifetime Bora Bora


Beautiful Waterfront Dubai, UAE


El Caminito del Rey (El Chorro, Malaga)


In Japan they have an indoor man made beach


Beautiful Red and Pink Flowers in Japanese Garden


659 stairs to the top, The Guatape Rock in Colombia


Balat Istanbul, Turkey


Where the Caribbean meets the Atlantic in Eleuthera, Bahamas


Krka National Park, Croatia


The Mind-Blowing Mt. Roraima, the triple border point of Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana 13

Striking Multiple Exposure Shot of Takeoffs at Hannover Airport


Colorado River


Beautiful bridge in Paris




  The Most Perfect Way To Create a Delicious Rainbow Cake

Hope you enjoyed watching this and you will make it…


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  Places to Visit Before They Vanish

A little more than 100 years ago, there were as many as 150 glaciers strewn throughout Glacier National Park. By 2005, only 27 remained, and those glaciers are expected to disappear by 2030, if not earlier. Many of the plant and animal species that call the park home require cold water, meaning the ecosystem of the park may change dramatically when the glaciers are gone…

Venice, Italy 3 4

Venice has long been sinking, but rising sea levels have made the situation more dire. The frequency of floods increases each year, leaving many to wonder how much longer Venice can stay above water…

Great Barrier Reef 5 6

Its so large that it can be seen from space, but the Great Barrier Reef is disappearing at an increased rate because of climate change. Rising ocean temperatures, water pollution, ocean acidification and cyclones continually pummel the reef and have caused mass coral bleaching. What took 8,000 years for nature to create could disappear within our lifetimes…

Saharan Africa 7 8

By some estimates, the Sahara in Africa is growing at a rate of 0.5 miles per month. The desert, already the largest in the world, could consume all of Northern Africa, altering the environment of a continent…

Maldives 9 10

Maldives is the lowest-lying country in the world, with a maximum natural ground level of 2.3 meters (7 feet, 7 inches), and an average of only 1.5 meters (4 feet, 11 inches) above sea level. If sea levels rise too much, the country could earn an unwanted title: the first nation to be engulfed by the ocean because of global warming…

Patagonia 11 12

A land of untouched beauty, South Americas Patagonia could be dramatically altered by climate change. Many of its glaciers are steadfastly retreating because of rising temperatures and declining precipitation. While this land wont disappear entirely, its landscape may soon be altered beyond recognition if global warming persists…

Bangladesh 13 14

Set in the low-lying GangesBrahmaputra River Delta, Bangladesh sits in a perfect storm of climactic conditions. About 50 percent of the area would be flooded if the sea level were to rise by 1 meter. Bangladesh also lies at the heart of the monsoon belt. Natural calamities, such as floods, tropical cyclones, tornadoes and tidal bores occur here almost every year with tragic results…

Alaskan tundra 15 USA

Global warming heats up the Arctic twice as fast as the rest of the world, meaning Alaskas beautiful northern tundra could vanish completely if temperatures continue to rise. As the tundras permafrost melts, it not only drastically alters the ecosystem but also releases additional carbon ironically hastening global warming…

South Australia 17

Much like the Sahara in Africa, desertification threatens South Australia. Across the region, fresh water supplies are rapidly drying up. Meanwhile, the parched landscape increases the occurrence of wildfires, threatening agriculture, wildlife and hundreds of Australian homes…

The Alps 18 19

The European Alps sit at a lower altitude than the Rocky Mountains, and their glaciers and ski resorts are more susceptible to the effects of global warming. The famed glaciers are predicted to disappear by 2050…


  Must-See DIY Project: From Pallets To Floor, The Art Of Wood Flooring

If you are in a mood of doing some unique home refreshments than we want to suggest you one extremely amazing DIY project. DIY pallet furniture is becoming more and more attractive nowadays and the final products are very amazing very unique and give to your home a specific warmth.
For your next home refreshment we would like to suggest you DIY Pallet Wood Floor.
It might look like a lot of effort and work at first, but the result is worth it. It takes a bit of adjusting and finishing the rough form of the boards, but after the installation your room will be truly transformed. Check out the color variation the final floor has. It is quite impressive! Definitely a project worth stockpiling wooden pallets for. Follow the tutorial provided and make your own this is the coolest spent time ever…

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  Roller Shutters- An Added Security System to a Modern Home

Roller shutters have become the need of every modern home. These shutters have horizontal slats that are hinged together to give it a tough structure. It can be installed as a window or a door and can have web systems instead of slats. You can operate it by rising it up to open to lowering it down to close the roller shutters…

  It Is A Regular Fork, But With This Amazing Easy Trick You Could Secure Any Door In A Pinch

Have you asked yourself how to be always more secure while you travel around. We have found some incredibly easy DIY project that could help you around securing your doors. So anyway little bit more security will not hurt anyone! In the video below is shown one cool and easy trick that you can use for secure any door in an emergency.
For this trick, all youll need is a fork, a vice, a saw and a hammer. In the video he explains also what type of fork you need then takes the fork and puts it inside the door lock after that mark on the fork where the prongs start to show. He then puts the fork in a vice and tightens it up on the mark. He bends the fork at a 90 degree angle. The whole process is so easy to be done. Watch the fabulous video below and enjoy!

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Make Your Wedding Party Unforgettable: 16 Centerpieces Ideas for Ideal Atmosphere source

  11 Incredibly Genius Things You Didn’t Know Cooking Spray Could Do

Probably all of you have this common household item and dear friend trust me the cooking spray could help you a lot with some struggles and you never know that.
There are several genius uses of the cooking spray that will surprise you.
Below you can see 11 hacs and tips how to use this cheap household item in your home easy and totaly useful. Enjoy!

1.Stop snow from sticking to a shovel.

vo 1 source

2.Remove a stuck ring.

vo 2 source

3.Stop cheese from sticking to a grater.

vo 3 source

4.Defrost and prevent ice buildup in a freezer.

vo 4 source

5.Keep plastic storage containers stain-free

vo 5 source

6.Keep candle holders free from wax

vo 6 source

7.Stop food from clinging to knives when chopping

vo 7 source

8.Stop a door from squeaking.

vo 8 source

9.Wipe dead bugs off the front of a car

vo 9 source

10.Get rid of soap scum on shower doors and sinks

vo 10 source

11.Get every last drop of sticky ingredients out of measuring cups and spoons

vo 11 source


  15 Easy Natural Cleaning Tips Using Lemon That Will Impress You

The uses of our household items is much wider that you think. All you need is just to get know the right tips how to use them in specific situation. Anyway we are always here to present you and to bring you the best tips and ideas that you can use in your everyday life.
For today we are giving you 15 super useful tips how to celan thing at home using a lemon. Yes this tips are one completely natural way to clean. We are sure that you will love them and start using them after you see the post. Enjoy!

Scrub away the dirt off copper pots or dishes


Use a Lemon to Make Cleaning the Microwave Easy


Scrub the hard water stains on any fixture


How To Clean Your Microwave With A Lemon


Clean Wooden Cutting Boards Naturally with Lemon and Salt

sd 1 source

Cleaning with Lemons

sd 2source

Natural cleaning tip for brass

sd 3 source


sd 4 source

Cleaning your Thermomix bowl & lid

sd 5 sd 6 sd 7 source

How To Clean Your Cutting Board in an Easy DIY Way

sd 8 source

Green Cleaning: Cleaning with Lemons

sd 9 source

If you have copper pots, you can easily clean them by cutting a lemon in half and rubbing the cut side with salt.

sd 10 source

Copper-Bottomed natural cleaning with lemon and salt

sd 11 source

How to Remove Limescale Easily and Naturally

sd 12 source

Disinfect Plastic Cutting Boards In The Microwave

sd 13 source


  The Origins of The Hoagie And Basic Preparation Guidelines

Once you have chosen the ideal rolls, slice them horizontally but be careful that you don’t cut all the way through. Avoid the use of pickles, bacon, or mayonnaise, and don’t toast the bread or melt cheese on to the bread. Doing this means that you are changing the basic makeup of the sandwich, and it can no longer be considered a genuine Italian-American hoagie…