Modern Minimalist Office Design: Key To Aspects of Corporate Office Design

Normally the design of corporate offices is quite underestimated and that happens on many occasions because we usually visit offices whose design is quite old-fashioned, classic and although functional, it does not help to boost the possibilities of the company. 

To make a bit clearer all that should be considered in the design of corporate offices, here we list some of the key aspects proposed by experts to create a suitable workspace: Modern minimalist office design are compulsory in modern offices

Search transparency

transparency in Minimalist Office

Although not say, an employee will appreciate knowing that their immediate bosses and even the not so close are”within reach”, knowing where in the building they are and even know what they are doing in general terms. Best about this is that Modern minimalist office design is not very costly.

The above will transmit confidence and security, and to achieve this it is enough to eliminate the solid walls and the traditional cubicles. Having areas shared or separated by transparent glass creates a sensation of transparency and vitality that promotes conversation and good communication.

Do not forget the privacy

privacy in Minimalist Office

Yes, having people within reach and being able to exchange ideas with them is important, but privacy is also necessary.For this, there must be private rooms, to be able to work without so many visual distractions

13 square meters

That’s the amount of space per employee that designers recommend today, unlike the 23 square meters of a few years ago. Why the reduction? Before, the space for desktop computer, personal items such as photographs, etc. was contemplated. Now it is more common to have laptops, and many objects have reduced their size, while photographs may well be only digital.

Remote work

There are positions that by the nature of their tasks do not always require the physical presence of the employee. Companies should take advantage of this to allow their workers to do their homework some days from home, which among other things will give the office more space in certain hours or days.

Consider purchasing flexible equipment

As much as possible, having chairs, tables, furniture, and in general work equipment that is easy to move, is highly recommended. In this way, and with the help of some dividing panels, it will be very easy to convert a private space into a meeting room when required.

Think about what you want to project from the company

The design of corporate offices must deal with helping to transmit the mission of corporate identity to both clients and employees. Not only should you communicate what the company is, but invite employees to “live the brand”.

Structural change:

It is not about painting the walls with seasoned colors, designing avant-garde receptions to receive customers. It is about developing a deep conviction to banish work in silos and promote collaborative work.

Banish verticality:

The struggles for territoriality in the office should be eliminated, starting with sizes, divisions or expressions of power based on the title of the posts. The symbols and rites of the past mustcollapse with the walls.

Integrate people

Allow open and cross discussion and ensure a fertile ground for new ideas. The development of talent and innovation must be accompanied by the liberation of conquered territories and the renewal of the concept of hierarchy.

Beyond makeup:

Modernizing an office is not just a matter of physical change and acquisition of new furniture. It is about adopting a management philosophy that values ​​the free and genuine interaction between people.

Performance above all: 

The end of a process of changing the space should not be the design, comfort of employees or win a contest. A remodeling must be a process of cultural reflection that prioritizes the improvement of performance.

Now that you know more about design and productivity, are you willing to go beyond buying new furniture or painting the walls?

Essential elements that your “home office” should have


minimalist computer desk

Computers are anessential part of your office. “Desktop computers, notebook, both?”Is one of the first questions you will be asking and with good reason? So Modern minimalist office must be fullof facilities.

Well, the truth is that the answer will depend on your preferences, needs and possibilities.

If your work requires a lot of displacement it is a good idea to have a laptop. If instead you need a powerful computer for, say graphic design, maybe in that case it is better to have a desktop.

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