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How to make your Medical office more comfortable? | Medical office design

Medical office design: In the case of medical profession, you knowthat the doctor’s office can become your second home because most of the dayyou will be there, so it is advisable that your workplace has all therequirements and amenities to make it more pleasant both your stay and that ofyour patients, because that also influences that you manage to make adifference to give your own office an identity. Medical office designs arevery complex work so.

Remember that for patients, the first impression is essential and in the same way that your service must be attentive, timely and quality, the office decoration should be the complement of your personality, so it is recommended that you have a decoration light, warm and cozy so that it provides tranquility and security to your patients. Medical office designs should be made by only experts.

Similarly, it is recommended that the reception of the office have a traditional style, with comfortable chairs and a clean and elegant appearance to gain the trust of your patients. In turn, it is also advisable to place some general interest magazines and some screen for the entertainment of the patients while waiting for the attention of their medical appointment.

Regarding the interior of your Medical office designs, avoid plastic chairs because they are uncomfortable and hard, so it will always be better to have cushioned chairs for your patients but also for you because you will be the one who will be sitting the longest. In a complementary way, try that the walls are painted in light and warm colors to create a relaxing environment and do not forget to place your professional license and any document that you consider important in the eyes of the patients.

Take care of the lighting

Takecare of the lighting in medical office design
Takecare of the lighting in medical office

Remember that every medical office should have good lighting because that will help you to have. A dark or poorly lit space will never attract patients and plastic chairs people away.

Blinds or curtains

Derived from the above, remember to have light colored curtains to allow the entrance of sunlight to your office and also that will help you to give a better appearance to your workplace.

Cleaning is also very important to avoid the accumulation of bacteria, so you should change them at least once a month.

Ceiling height 

Ceiling height in Medical office design
Ceiling height in medical office

There is a lot of research that suggests that high ceilings promote better performance in conceptual thinking, while lower ceilings are better for mathematical thinking,

Intuitively, it makes sense that high ceilings could motivate expansive work, while low ones are optimal for tasks that require concentration.

A designer has anecdotal evidence that supports these investigations. Recently, I was walking through the offices of a software company. When he arrived at the area where the programmers were, he noticed that many of them had tented structures on their desks, which allowed them to reduce the height of the roof.


  • There are specific thresholds: if you sit more than 24 meters he noticed a person, you are less likely to talk to them daily if you feelclose,”
  • And not only courtesy conversations are those that diminish when there is physical distance between colleagues – but also the likelihood of collaboration. A recent study showed that co-authorships among academics were correlated with the physical proximity of offices among researchers. “The transfer time generally guides our design process,. We want to motivate collaboration.”


The hypothesis of biophilia (of which there is an instinctive connection between human beings and other living beings) has been present since 1984. But a recent study has confirmed that a visual connection with the outside has a huge cognitive impact.

Unfortunately, only the real nature works. A recent study compared people who worked next to a white wall, people who worked next to a window with a view and people who worked next to a simulated video of the same view.


 Simply being able to see someone increases the likelihood that you will interact with him or her, who has done several computer studies that simulate the number of visual connections an employee makes with his colleagues throughout the day.

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