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 14 Brain Ways to Reuse and Repurpose Empty Shampoo Bottles Into Convenient Crafts

Time for crafting! If you have enough time for fun and posses creativity in yourself, it is perfect time to spend some hours on doing creative, decorative, useful and helpful items, and in the same time be in use for the environment. We will present in this post some pretty interesting and adorable ideas and projects how to reuse the empty plastic bottles used to package common products like shampoo, beauty, lotion ,conditioner or body wash and we all have plenty from those in our homes . There are really loads of options to re purpose them in a beautiful, unique, functional and practical piece. If you are interested about DIY projects and ideas and you have dozens of old shampoo bottles, don’t throw away it and check out these 14 brainy ways to reuse and re purpose the humble plastic bottles into convenient crafts, from useful storage and home decor, clever home hacks to funny toys for your kids. With fun and enjoyment turn that old shampoo bottles into new and out of the ordinary crafts that is perfect for you and everyone in the home. Try to make case for your sunglasses, mobile phone or keys; paint them in lovely vase for your flowers or make cute pencil holders…

1. A sunscreen bottle as safe place for use at the beach

bottle 1source

2. DIY sink saddle Caddy

bottle 2source

3. Cute little bags

bottle 3source

4. Creative bathroom storage

bottle 4source

5. Eco-friendly caddy to hold your items

bottle 5source

6. Cheap storage bins

bottle 6source

7. Useful mobile holder

bottle 7source

8. Adorable pencil holders

bottle 8source

9. Practical use in the kitchen

bottle 9source

10. Hygiene box

bottle 10source

11. Tissue paper holder

bottle 11source

12. Unique flower vase

bottle 12source

13. Sailboat for little kids

bottle 13source

14. Mom hack for little hands in the kitchen

bottle 14source


 10 Must-Visit Fall Foliage Destinations

And official fall is here and that means leaves all over the country(USA) from the grapevines in Napa Valley to the sycamores in the Blue Ridge Mountainshave started to transform from their summer shades of green into the reds, yellows and oranges that signify autumns return. The editors at Forbes Travel Guide leafed through the top fall foliage destinations to come up with 10 that we think are worth a look. A few of the most stunning are below:

Adirondacks, N.Y.

1 2

Aspen, Colo

3 4

Blue Ridge Parkway, Va

5 6

Enchanted Circle Scenic Byway, N.M


Enchanted Circle Scenic Byway, N.M.


Green Mountain Byway, Vt.

9 10

Litchfield Hills, Conn.

11 12

Napa Valley, Calif.

13 14

Skyline Drive, Va.

15 16

The Berkshires, Mass.

17 18

Upper Peninsula, Mich.

19 20source


 14 Stunning Minerals And Stones You Probably Never Heard Of

Many times i have repeated that the nature is incredibly creative artist and once more we are sharing with you the true art of the nature with presenting the most amazing minerals and stones that have been discovered by the man but made from the nature.
Unique and insanely beautiful you must see them. Check below and enjoy!

Luz Opal with galaxy inside

vp 1 source

The ’Empress of Uruguay’, an Amethyst Geode

vp 2 source


vp 3 source

Burmese Tourmaline

vp 4 source


vp 6 source


vp 7 source

Fluorite-quartz-pyrite combination

vp 8 source

Rutile Crystal

vp 9 source


vp 10 source


vp 11 source

Lightning Ridge black opal

vp 12 source

Sunset Fire Opal

vp 13 source

The ocean inside an opal

vp 14 source

Watermelon Tourmaline

vp 15 source


 Easy Way To Set The Mood With These Lovely DIY Mood Lighting Tins! Learn How To Make It Here

Probably you eat chicken or tuna can and if so then this will be a great tip for you. Creating something with your hands is always a fulfilling it gives you happiness and incredible satisfaction. Dear friend once more we are sharing with you one cute DIY project how to recycle tin cans from your tuna and create something special from them. Everything on the easiest way. DIY lighting, a gorgeous piece that will set the best mood…

You will need:

patterned paper,
wooden clothespin,
super glue,
bow string,
and a wooden clothes hanger

Cut the patterned paper and glue them to the cans cutting off the excess

Easy Way To Set The Mood With These Lovely DIY Mood Lighting Tins! Learn How To Make It HereEasy Way To Set The Mood With These Lovely DIY Mood Lighting Tins! Learn How To Make It Heresource

Then cut the bow string. Cut some pieces 9 to 15-inch, to attach to the hanger at different lengths, and cut more box spring to make bows to stick on the cans.

Easy Way To Set The Mood With These Lovely DIY Mood Lighting Tins! Learn How To Make It Heresource

Cover one side of the clothespins in the patterned paper, then clip them to the wooden hanger that you will nail to a wall

Easy Way To Set The Mood With These Lovely DIY Mood Lighting Tins! Learn How To Make It Heresource

Attach the cans to the hanger

Easy Way To Set The Mood With These Lovely DIY Mood Lighting Tins! Learn How To Make It Heresource

Place tea lights in each can and for lighting and you are done

Easy Way To Set The Mood With These Lovely DIY Mood Lighting Tins! Learn How To Make It Heresource

 Hand For Hand In An Endless Journey Around The World Presenting The Stunning Beauties





6 7 8


9 10

New York City








 Less is always more: Minimalist And Subtle Jewelry

Less is always more: Minimalist And Subtle Jewelry

 10 Fantastic DIY Fire Pit Designs For Perfect Outdoor Decoration

There is always fun when you are sitting outdoor with your close friends. Did you think that it can be amazing if you sit near amazing fire pit in your yard. Yes it can be so fantastic and the making of the fire pit is easy too. We have carried out for this and we find 10 perfect solutions and ideas to build a fantastic fire pit. We are sure that you will like some of the presented below. Enjoy!

Amazing Jag Grill BBQ Table with Fire Pit


DIY Square Fire Pit


DIY washing machine drum firepit


Concrete Fire Pit




DIY Burning Bowl


DIY Fire Pit Idea


 15 Creative Easter Appetizer Recipes

Easter is the biggest Christian holiday. World Inside Pictures want always to make you happy and to enrich your Easter table also to surprise your family for this big holiday. We have created an amazing collection of creative Easter appetizers that you can make it . Check out below and enjoy!

1. Baby Chick Cheese Balls cute little appetizers for Easter dinner


2. Deviled Chicks


3. Cream Cheese-Olive Spread


4. Spicy Roasted Red Bell Pepper Pimiento Cheese


5. Lemon-Dill Chicken Salad-Stuffed Eggs


6. Straight Up Deviled Eggs


7. Easter Egg Veggie Pizza


8. Easter Bunny TreatsTM Food & Recipe Network


9. Bunny Butt


10. Stuffed Chicks Deviled Eggs


11. Easter Egg Cookies


12. Easy Easter Appetizer


13. Easter Bunny Cheese Spread Recipe


14. Ham and Asparagus Roll Ups

Easter Appetizer Recipes1recipe

15. Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus Bundles with Sage Infused Sour Cream

Easter Appetizer Recipes2recipe


 14 Beautiful Rustic Furniture Ideas


 11 Creative DIY Ways to Transform Ikea Vittsjo Shelves and Tables

With the presented below ideas you can simply transform your metal Vittsjo Shelves and Tables from IKEA in to the modern furniture that will be great for your home. See it and Enjoy!

Upscale Coffee Table


Streamlined Entertainment Center


Nesting Tables


Coaster-Frame Coffee Table


Chinoiserie Etagere


Glistening Gold Wall Unit


Trendy Side Table


Custom-Fit Unit


Airy Etagere


DIY Ikea Bar Cart Hack


Rustic Vittsjo



 Man converts truck Into Amazing Solar Powered Off Grid Home…Look Inside…Amazing!

Having a own home is a problem for most of the people, but some of them find a very good solution to have a unique and amazing home. One of this people is fifty-year-old Israeli animator Joseph Tayyar who converted a truck into beautiful home. Tayyar was inspired to begin his project when he saw a television program about homes on wheels. Determined to enjoy the same kind of flexibility, Tayyar spent years fine-tuning his dream: converting a 11.5-meter (38-foot) truck into a real home. He make from truck a beautiful home which have amazing interior.
Best of all, the roof of the truck is covered with photovoltaic panels, providing solar power to this incognito home. Solar panels on the roof provide all of the energy you require in the home, making it an efficient off the grid house. This truck was turned into a superb mobile home, the former truck doesnt even have a hint of its logistic past from within, because you are still left with the cabin and platform that give you the freedom to change evening and morning views whenever you want. So look and the image below and see this amazing mobile home. Enjoy!

 Very Cool Outdoor Garden Furniture Ideas