Elegant office design: Keys to design an office that increases productivity

In the world of business, the factor thatadds value to organizations is the human capital. In this sense, many studies confirm that the distribution of work space influences the productivity, motivation and commitment of employees. 

The latest trends aim to tear down  that separate hierarchies, a concept known as Open Space, which tries to promote less vertical organizations, generating better teamwork among employee sand managers. The intelligent use of space can facilitate the debate of projects,the interaction between collaborators and generate moments of leisure whileproducing innovative ideas.

A person spend ten hours sitting at his desk is no guarantee that he will be more productive. Therefore, the change of Elegant office design impacted on the culture of the organization.

Necessary rudiments that your “house office” be supposed to have

Internet connection

Fundamental be connected to the web. The abroad band connection will always be recommended to speed up times. Be sure to hire a reliable service provider! You will need stability and strength in the signal to be able to develop your work without problems.

When you work as a freelancer from your home, the Internet connection is one of the main work tools you have. Remember that it is essential not only to carry out your tasks, but also you need it to be always in contact with your customers.

And, as you know, customers feel more secure when they know you’re there for them whenever they need it. This availability will help you get better and better customers and have long-term relationships with them the signal and that will ensure you have better income and to hire stability.


Peripherals elegant office design

Here the list extends: monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer, scanner, webcam, headphones … The important thing is that you have a wide monitor screen (the dimensions will depend on the work you do, what is most practical; even get to have two monitors). And that the printer and the scanner respond very well to do quality work in your home office.

Phone/ Smartphone

It is not minor detail and many times it is overlooked! And remember that they are complementary to voice over IP tools.When you work from home as a freelancer it will be very useful to always have your fixed phone and your smartphone at hand.

If you are going to use the house phone,try to make it an exclusive line to take care of your contacts. If not, be sure to always maintain a professional attitude, especially during office hours.

This may seem obvious to you, but it is essential that you consider it. We never tire of repeating that good and fluid communication will help you have a better relationship with your customers. And if the client is satisfied with your work, in addition to giving you more projects, he will recommend you to other clients who also need your services.


furniture for elegant office

Desk, chair, even cabinets or shelves for filing documents, books or miscellaneous items are must for Elegant office design. Make sure they are functional and that they adapt to your needs.

The desk and chair should be ergonomic to favor good posture during working hours. The best of all is that with the advancement of the design there are furniture with the appearance of “home furniture” that are very comfortable, useful and functional. We understand your fear that your house seems too “an office”, but if you look good you can design a warm place that, at the same time, is functional to work at your own pace.

Adaptable spaces

Adaptable spaces

Elegant office designs are not limited only to whether it is an open office or modular spaces. But if you organize your company within a large workspace and choose modular designs, this will allow you to change and adapt the environment based on the needs of your business at any time.


If you consider the environment when designing your office, you can save a lot of money in the long term. You will not need to make major changes to be able to visualize this benefit, since small changes, such as saving water and energy (using energy-saving lighting fixtures, for example), will help you reduce your fixed expenses and consequently make your more profitable workplace.

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