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All that you want to know about the dynamic Casio G-Shock Series

Casio Computer Co. is a Japanese multinational company that’s most famous for commercial and consumer electrical products. It is a name that has become a symbol of cutting edge technology and latest designs.

One of the most loved series of watches by Casio is the G-Shock collection. It is perfect for the young and dynamic. With amazing features that serve functionality and look aesthetically appealing, the Casio G-Shock is indeed a great choice. Did you know that G-Shock stands for Gravitational Shock?

The company is truly dedicated to provide nothing but the best when it comes to shock absorption in this series of analog and digital watches for men. Casio created a series of 10 layers of maximum shock absorption to protect the working of the watch.   

The trendy and stylish Casio G Shock Gravitymaster priced at Rs. 12,995/-

About Casio G-Shock

The G-Shock range is synonymous with durability and toughness. It is ideal for people who love being outdoors or spend time in adventure sports. Since it is shock resistant, you can be sure that your watch will be safe during all the adventures, we cannot say about your adrenaline rush though!

Some of the fundamental components of these watches include –

  • Resistance to electric shock, gravity, vibration, water, low temperature, and shock
  • LED light with afterglow
  • Hourly time signal
  • Alarms
  • Stopwatch
  • 29 time zones
  • World time

The G-Shock series was first created in 1983 and back then the company’s aim was to create a watch with a 10 year battery life, that is water resistant up to 100m, and that can withstand a 10m drop on hard surface. Ever since its launch, the G-Shock series has evolved to be one of customer’s favorite all over the globe.

The triple sensor technology is one of the most talked about high tech features after the shock absorption feature. It gives temperature control, barometer, and the third sensor is digital compass. All these features come in handy when you’re outdoors hiking, trekking, or exploring.

analog and digital watches for men

Casio G Shock Gravitymastrer priced at Rs. 16,995/-

Make a wise investment

High end luxury watches are an investment in themselves. If you’re planning to buy one of the Casio G-Shock series, it is a good idea to know all about the watch and do complete research. It is a wise investment because for the price you pay, you get amazing features and a great design.

The best part is that you can choose a watch as per your budget. The high tech features like Bluetooth connectivity, barometer, altimeter, stopwatch, and compass make it handy for your all your outdoor activities.

Intelligent Design

For a watch like Casio G-Shock series, the design holds pivotal position. It’s the bold look that makes a strong statement. The protection of the watch starts with the special case design. The bezel is designed to protect the case and the buttons if the watch hits a hard surface if its dropped from any angle.

The resin straps make it look attractive and sporty at the same time. The models with a metal straps are scratch resistant. The bands are structured and designed in special way to be flexible and maintain their movement of 150 degrees.

Casio G Shock Standard Analog Digital priced at Rs. 7995/-

Your Reliable Partner

For those who love outdoor sports and adventure activities having the right gear is of prime importance. The Casio G-Shock series of watches will prove to be your trusted and reliable partner in all situations. It’s rugged and tough, just like you, so you can wear it without worrying about the weather or the terrain. Even after three decades of being in existence, the series is still going strong and is loved by people from all over the world. It is not just common man like me and you love these watches, but it’s also a hit among international celebrities and that speaks volumes about its quality. If you’re looking for a good sporty watch that’ll last years and is value for money, then do check out the complete range of Casio G-Shock watches. It makes an ideal gift for the man in your life who loves being outdoors, so do consider buying it.

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